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Hanstone Quartz Color Chart

With HanStone you will find the beauty of natural quartz, enhanced by greater strength and durability - requiring no sealing, conditioning or polishing. HanStone gives you a luxurious surface that stands up beautifully to daily wear.

HanStone begins with the inherent, natural elegance of quartz, then uses advanced technology to create a new realm of possibilities: Dramatic colors and vibrant patterns. A more luxurious sheen. Greater strength and resilience. Minimal maintenance. Solid value.

Plus, HanStone gives you the design flexibility you need to make your vision a reality. Available in 20 colors and patterns, HanStone lets you take advantage of one of the strongest and most durable surface materials on the market, without sacrificing style.

GraniteKraft has been one of Bay area's leading quartz surface fabricators and installers and Hanstone has been a trusted partner when the surface requirement is quartz.

Please Note: The color chart is a visual illustration of some of the popular quartz colors provided by HANSTONE. Please look at an actual slab sample before making your final selection.


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