Why Granite Counter Tops

Kitchen countertops are the centerpiece of large kitchens. The right countertop material can draw more attention than cabinets or your kitchen appliances. But how do you choose the right countertop material? It might sound easy but choosing the right kitchen countertop is harder than it sounds, there are so many materials for kitchen countertops to choose from like quartz, quartzite, granite, concrete, marble, wood, and laminate. The right countertop material should be elegant, durable, and should be easy to clean. When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite offers the most benefits. Granite countertops are one of the most popular kitchen countertop options in the bay area. We’ve written this blog article to help you with your kitchen remodeling project, so you can design and build the kitchen you have always dreamed of. Our experience in designing and building hundreds of kitchen remodels in the bay area makes us the best source for home remodeling tips.

Easy to Clean

Granite countertops are beautiful and easy to clean, making them one of the best options for kitchen countertops. Granite is scratch resistant, stain resistant, heat resistant, and easy to take care of. Choosing the right color for your kitchen counters is a matter of personal taste. You’ll have no trouble finding a slab of granite that fits the look you are going for. When considering a solid countertop, you should always start with granite. Granite slabs are the polished sheets of stone that your granite countertops start from. But know that you’ve decided on granite, it’s time to choose the right color and edge combination for your kitchen.

Granite edges might go unnoticed by most people, but those with peculiar taste will know that details like edges matter. As a non-porous stone, granite is also resistant against bacteria. If cleaned and maintained properly, your granite stone can help you against bacteria during food preparation. When using granite as a food preparation surface you should take special care to disinfect your countertops daily, because traces of fats and proteins can harbor bacteria if not cleaned thoroughly. Just keep in mind that the characteristics and performance of granite may vary by the color of the stone:

Light or Dark?

Light granites usually have swirling or flowing patterns. They may also have randomly placed crystals, large and small. These granites hide messy counters well. Light granites are often more porous and softer than darker colors. Light colored granites require sealing with multiple coats of penetrating sealer before use.

Dark granites are more subdued than the lighter ones. They are also more consistent in crystal pattern. Dark granites usually require few or no coats of sealer.

Black granite such as Galaxy Black or Absolute Black is not really granite but rather a gabbro or dolomite. It performs better than true granite because it requires no sealing, and is very consistent.